All pre-processing steps in one tool

Warp integrates novel algorithms for frame alignment, defocus estimation, particle picking and tomographic reconstruction in a rich user interface. Thanks to its on-the-fly processing mode and integration with SPA tools like cryoSPARC and RELION, you can monitor data quality in real time, analyze data at the microscope, and obtain high-resolution structures even before you data collection is over.

Frame alignment

Correct global and local motion in cryo-EM movies while maintaining intuitive control over the physical model's complexity.

Defocus estimation

Estimate local defocus without the need for particle positions. Tilted data can be processed transparently just like conventional data to address problems with preferred particle orientation.

Particle picking

Use a Deep Learning-based model pre-trained on many SPA datasets to pick particles and mask out artifacts accurately without any additional input. Or retrain it on your data to achieve human-like accuracy.


While Warp's first release focuses on 2D data, it is also a great tool to prepare data for sub-tomogram averaging. Warp implements many new algorithms that improve the quality of tomographic reconstructions.

Plug it in

Warp can talk to popular SPA tools like cryoSPARC and RELION – no clumsy conversion scripts needed. Plug Warp's constantly updated stream of accurately picked particles into one of them, and observe how your results improve with every new job completed.

Stunning looks and handling

Warp's user interface isn't a mere afterthought. It is designed to let you handle thousands of micrographs with ease, and spot problems in data collection or processing right when they occur – so you don't waste time at the microscope.